• Workshops at Osaka City University, June:
    1. Clinical Data Monitoring Using R + REDCap (Github repo including PDF tutorial)
    2. Reproducible Research with RMarkdown: slides, Github
    3. Introduction to Data Visualization Using ggplot2: slides, Github


  • Intro to the purrr package, R-Ladies Nashville meetup, November 13. Slides, data, and an R notebook with a full example are on Github. Also given at Axial Healthcare’s R&D journal club and R-Ladies Louisville’s inaugural meetup, April 2018.
  • Handling bias from missing data, American Delirium Society Conference, June 6. Slides and simulation code are on Github.
  • Civic data wrangling in R and on data.world, May 31. Recap of the process and code for creating a Shiny dashboard using Medicare drug spending data, written in collaboration with data.world. This Data for Democracy project was named one of data.world’s top 10 projects of 2017.